Fake Caller ID

Display any number on your friends Caller ID

Voice Changer

Sound like a man or woman, they'll never know!

Call Recording

Share the call with friends for endless laughs

Request a stranger to prank call your friends

Want revenge on a friend? Request a prank call to have a total stranger prank your friend! Simply bid on how many minutes you want to spend, enter their number, the number to show on their caller id and you will receive an email with the recording. Great way to prank a friend or get revenge on someone!

MaskMyNumber App
This app rocks! Hats off to the developers! What fun!
MaskMyNumber Customer Testimonial Shane Mickley Super Awesome Customer
Just Great. Cheap and fun way to earn minutes.
MaskMyNumber Customer Testimonial Vincent Scribbins Super Awesome Customer
Great App I couldn't believe when it worked I love it. It works like charm.
MaskMyNumber Customer Testimonial Daniel Watch Super Awesome Customer
Love it.
MaskMyNumber Customer Testimonial YUDI E.E Super Awesome Customer
Nice - Good apps.
MaskMyNumber Customer Testimonial Ramesh Dagar Super Awesome Customer


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